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Oracle 11g RAC install doubt

Dear Friends,

I am trying to install Oracle 11g R2 on two node ( running on rhel 5 update
5) with Netapp san. I have read few documents available but I have following

* *according to documents I need to install clusterware, ASM before
installing database software. I see in ORACLE technetwork we have 1. Oracle
database (in two parts)*
*2. Oracle 11g R2 grid which contains clusterware and asm etc..*
*So my doubt is arethese two softwares alone I need to install for 11g R2
RAC. or we have clusterware, asm and other required stuff seperatly. I am
confused with the name GRID*.

* What is vmware.. Is it mandatory for oracle RAC installation. In many
places I see " Oracle RAC installation using vmware" ??? what is it?

Please suggest. which are all softwares need to be installed for oracle 11g.

Thanks in advance.


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