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RE: Oracle 11g RAC install doubt

I'm pretty sure there are two types of software you need, 1) the
clusterware software, and 2) the database software - which includes
database & ASM because they're essentially the same thing - ASM is a

You first install clusterware, then if you want an ASM database that
will be next - pretty sure the database install software asks you if
you'd like to install and setup an ASM database as part of your database

VMWare is virtualisation software allowing you to run multiple virtual
machines on a single piece of hardware. Unless you're setting up a test
environment, don't run RAC on VMware in a production environment - each
of your Oracle RAC nodes must reside on a physical machine each.

Grid is just the term Oracle use to describe this type of cluster
database system.

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Dear Friends,

I am trying to install Oracle 11g R2 on two node ( running on rhel 5
5) with Netapp san. I have read few documents available but I have

* *according to documents I need to install clusterware, ASM before
installing database software. I see in ORACLE technetwork we have 1.
database (in two parts)*
*2. Oracle 11g R2 grid which contains clusterware and asm etc..*
*So my doubt is arethese two softwares alone I need to install for 11g
RAC. or we have clusterware, asm and other required stuff seperatly. I
confused with the name GRID*.

* What is vmware.. Is it mandatory for oracle RAC installation. In many
places I see " Oracle RAC installation using vmware" ??? what is it?

Please suggest. which are all softwares need to be installed for oracle

Thanks in advance.

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