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Re: [CentOS] I have a question about the 389 ds

You are correct, that is exactly what I was thinking. You can store pretty much any information in LDAP. Heck, just look at how Microsoft uses AD for almost everything.


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Subject: [CentOS] I have a question about the 389 ds
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On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 1:20 PM, Whitney, Matthew <<mailto:mwhitney pima edu>mwhitney pima edu<mailto:mwhitney pima edu>> wrote:
I don't believe there is a VNC client out there that will get its settings from an LDAP server. You could, however, write a wrapper script that would do a lookup on the user's id and return the attributes you're looking for, then pass them to the VNC command.

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Do you mean that it is possbile that the  vnc geometry  attribute  integrated  in that LDAP Server ?
But I googling for a long time and  have nothing useful information about it ..

What he means is create a custom attribute in DS to hold geometry then write a shell script that does an ldapsearch to get that attribute for the logged in user and either set that as an environment variable that VNC uses upon login or use the shell script to launch VNC with that geometry if it doesn't support environment variables for setting geometry.


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