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label printer supported by cups on RHEL?

Can anyone recommend a good label printer that's compatible with RHEL

We are migrating a very large system to RHEL, and the system prints to
nearly a hundred different network printers.  We have already gone a
long ways down the path (too far to turn back), but we now realize we
have a problem in that we aren't able to successfully print to any label
printers.  We do a large volume of our own shipping using labels printed
from Oracle, so this is actually a significant problem.

The label originates on Linux -- we can't really change that.  I've come
up with some other ideas for how to get the labels to a printer serviced
by a spooler on Windows, but I would very much prefer to send straight
from the local cupsd spooler to the printer using a network print server
like a jetdirect (which we've been trying to do so far without success),
or to send from the local cups to a printer on a remote cupsd with the
printer attached via usb or something like that, not fight with
cross-platform problems.

Seems hard to believe no one else is doing label printing from Linux.
There's even potentially a consulting opportunity for someone who can
get it working quickly...

Trever Furnish
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Unix.

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