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Re: slightly OT: dban

m roth 5-cent us wrote:
> I'm trying to nuke a Dell Optiplex GX620. I've got a perfectly good dban
> 1.0.4 that I've used a bunch of times... but on this machine, it says
> starting, then dies, saying "dban has finished with non-fatal errors.
> Check the log for more information" It never gets to the interactive menu.
> Now that I've disabled the non-existant floppy drive, at least it does say
> "to save the log file again, press enter"....


Well, my manager actually had some CDs - dban.org only has .iso's for CDs,
which I don't know enough to make work with a DVD, so I d/l and burned the
new one, 2.2.6 beta, and it's working now. Interesting... before the menu
came up, it looked like the display from lshw....

Oh, and I *do* have to do at DOD full sanitization: I work at a US gov't
agency, and the machine's being surplused....


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