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RE: Redhat exam

>I want to take the exams of redhat.. I?m starting now.. 
>What advices I can get from you list?


The exams are practicals.  The best way to "study" is to simply know how
to do everything in that book.  It's really not that much if you
actually use some redhat derivitive distro in the first place.  You will
not get questions like a Microsoft/etc. exam that will allow you to
multiple-guess or decipher an unknown answer from other questions
etc.... You just have to be able to actually perform the work.  Any
practice labs you find are perfect, do them over and over. The book
"CentOS bible" is another wonderful resource for studying for the exam,
although I discovered this after doing RHCE.  

There are no "secrets" to passing the exam or any special study method.
Just know how to setup system services & do basic troubleshooting.
Understanding how all the conf files work is a huge helper.

When I took the exam, one of the other testers messed up his
partitioning accidently with about 45 minutes left in the exam.  He knew
his stuff and could have passed and called it easy.  But that mistake
forced him to have to reload his system & start over. So if the GUI
tools for drive volume management are available to you then definitely
use those to make what you're doing visually clear...unless you're
already a pro at that anyway.

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