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Re: IBM DS4700 and RDAC

On 07/20/2010 05:06 AM, Wahyu Darmawan wrote:
Hi all,

I have problem with my servers. I use two of HP Blade Servers and RHEL 4.6 installed on them, and have IBM DS4700 connected to them.
In those servers are running RHCS (Red Hat Cluster Suite) with GFS for handling Oracle Database.
Yesterday, I had missing one partition from the storage, suddenly. I called IBM and they suggested to use RDAC.
The question is, Why should use IBM RDAC for multipath in my RHEL 4, and why HP Blade + HP EVA Storage don't use any addition plugins software to keep server + storage connection?
I will appreciate For some reasons by all of you.
Thank you.


This is a classic. RDAC is the standard supported way to perform multi-path software config for IBM DS devices. In addition, it provides some troubleshooting features that are not included in other software suites (such as the HP tools). So, what they will do is to look at the 'SMdevices' command and verify the status of the RDAC software that talks to your DS4700 unit. The HP Blade + EVA is concerned with lights out and HP specific things.

When I had to deal with a similar case, IBM insisted that it is part of the support deal to install this software. It is not really a big thing to install it. If they won't help you with installation give us a shout.

Best regards,

George Magklaras BSc (Hons) MPhil RHCE
IT Systems Manager/Senior Systems Engineer
The Biotechnology Center of Oslo
University of Oslo


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