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RE: RHEL 5.4 Backup Options.

Mondo Rescue should do a perfect job. I have no problem to restore the MBR so far. There might be something wrong with your image making options.

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Hi guys,


We are running RHEL 5.4 on HP DLxxx servers and are looking for a backup
solution.  We have tried Clonezilla and MondoRescue, and while they both
backup just fine, we have trouble whenever we go to perform a restore.  The
MBR ends up not being restored and we have to reinstall grub etc.  Does
anyone know any alternatives?  They don't have to be free.


Here are the features we require:


1.	Live system cloning (not cloning from pre-boot environment)
2.	Works with multipath environment, booting from SAN.
3.	Does not involve reinstalling the OS first, then restoring files.



Any suggestions?



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