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Kickstart for multiple systems with ISW RAID and varying drive device names

We have a number of systems that have Intel Software Raid (Setup as
RAID 1) that I am attempting to setup a generic kickstart to use on
all of them.

The problem is the way ISW works (As I understand) is that it creates
a /dev/mapper device based on the serial number of the drive.  For
example, on the system that I built from CD the entry is
/dev/mapper/isw_dhcbbefgce_Volume0.  This is going to be a different
name on every system... so how to I account for the following two
lines in my ks.cfg?

bootloader --location=mbr --driveorder=mapper/isw_dhcbbefgce_Volume0
--append="rhgb quiet"
clearpart --all --drives=mapper/isw_dhcbbefgce_Volume0

I attempted the following prescript to create a link to a known name
that I could just pass into my arguments above, so instead of having
mapper/isw_dhcbbefgce_Volume0 I could have mapper/raid1

ln -s /dev/mapper/isw_*_Volume0 /dev/mapper/raid1

This didn't work because my link ended up being named "raid1?" instead
of "raid1".

Is there a way to build logic into the kickstart to grab the correct
disk under /dev/mapper (when you will have a different disk name on
each system) for partitioning and loading of the MBR?

Any other thoughts for me?


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