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Recognize tape drive connected to an HP P212 controller on RedHa t5.5

I am having a problem with a HP 920 Ultrium SAS drive being recognized by a Redhat 5.5 Operating System.

New O/S installation on a new HP Proliant DL370G6 server with a P212 controller for the Tape drive.

During POST, the controller is found and it sees a device, but doesn't specifically state that it sees the 920 Ultrium.

We spent several hours on the phone with HP, they replaced 2 different P212 controllers with new ones and still no luck.

HP's website states that the 920 SAS Ultrium on the P212 controller in the Proliant DL370G6 running RedHat is supported, but I cannot get it to be recognized in the Operating System.

Any recommendations?  We would like to use the P212 controller rather than get a different controller.

Thank you.

Chris Smith


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