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Re: semi-OT: preupgrade FC13, and X

Why not just use the noveau driver?  It "just works" from what I can  

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On Jun 4, 2010, at 12:27, "m roth 5-cent us" <m roth 5-cent us> wrote:

> We are not happy campers. Lessee, it installed the nouveau driver...  
> but
> did *not* change /etc/X11/xorg.conf so that it called it, so it hung,
> since it tried to start X and couldn't find the driver.
> I fixed that. Then I got rid of nouveau, and installed the nvidia  
> driver.
> startx works fine. Try to reboot to runlevel 5... and I get a nice  
> splash
> screen... and a white, flashing vertical bar, about 1 pixel or so  
> wide,
> and maybe 3" or so high. I can *not* get a login window.
> So, any clues? Maybe I should change it to KDE. Or maybe just leave  
> it at
> runlevel 3....
>           mark
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