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RE: httpd / cgi-bin

Rob wrote:
> [mailto:redhat-list-bounces redhat com] On Behalf Of Sir June
> Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 7:38 AM
> It's been a while since i updated my old Fedora 8.  Don't ask why i still
> has it.
> # yum -y update
> updates
>                          | 2.6 kB     00:00
> Setting up Update Process
> No Packages marked for Update

> Long since unsupported.  F11 is on its way out, and 12 and 13 are the
> current best options.  Rebuild the box.

Yeah, well, I just tried to upgrade two FC10 systems, with preupgrade. One
I wound up having to rebuild. The other, I'm *not* happy, but didn't have
a lot of choice, as the drives are LUKS encrypted. I had to yum remove
gdm, (did I just post that here last week?) since for runlevel 5, in would
spawn gdm-simple-slave until no more connections were available, and there
was no way to log in - just the splash screen, and a 2" or so vertical
white flashing bar. Then I yum groupinstalled kde, and did *everything* I
could google, and runlevel 5 would *not* come up with kde until I removed

At least it does work at runlevel 5 with KDE. I'm *not* happy that even
though I've rebooted, and deleted it, the KDE login keeps putting *my*
username as the default....

          mark "glad we mostly run CentOS"

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