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Re: mpath

If you try to boot from replicated san lun then you have a new wwid for this lun because it's not the same lun where you install rhel5.
You need to hacketihack initrd with the new wwid from the repliacted lun i think inside the init script.
Then you can make a new entry in grub.conf to boot from the replicated lun.


On 18.06.2010, at 20:32, madunix wrote:

> I booted lately several RHEL5.1 Bladecenter servers with multipath, the
> multipath has been implemented typing mpath during the booting installation
> from CD.
> For our disaster recovery, we found that the linux rhel5 system wont boot up
> from replicated SAN LUN using device mapper multipath ... its reporting
> kernel panic and cant e2fsck files system to continue ctrl D and type root
> password ...etc
> in order to boot the system we remounted in read/write mode and edit
> /etc/fstab then removed the mpath dev from boot disk, the system was able to
> boot
> madunix
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