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Re: Pam_Tally2 User Lockouts. (Scott Monroe)

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>Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 15:52:55 -0400

>From: Scott Monroe <samonroe54 gmail com>

>To: General Red Hat Linux discussion list <redhat-list redhat com>

>Subject: Re: Pam_Tally2 User Lockouts.


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>The command "faillog" is probably the command you want.  Check the man



On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 4:15 PM, Kaydo <kaydo rice edu> wrote:


> Hi,




> I've configured user lockouts using the pam_tally2 module but I have a

> question.  Is there a command that I can run that will tell me whether

> a user's account is locked out from this module or not?  If I run 

> passwd -S <user> it doesn't say that the account is locked, I'm 

> thinking this only works if the account was locked using usermod -L.  

> I know I can use

> pam_tally2 command to see the failed login counts, but it would be 

> great if there were a command that would directly tell me if a user 

> was locked out due to this module.  Anybody know of such a command?




> Thanks guys,


Try the chage command. The syntax would be chage -l userid.


IIRC, for Faillog, you need to do a step or 2 before you can actually
use it, the chage command might save you a few key strokes.


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