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I'm responsible for the installation program for a commercial app that
runs on several versions of RHEL.

I know I can find out what version I'm running on by examining

But the installer wants to know  how to parse out its contents in some
sensible way so it can tell exactly what it's working with, so the
current algorithm is to just do a text match on the file's contents.

To do that means that I have to know what all the possibilities are when
I write/update the installer.

i've looked around quite a lot and can't find anywhere a resource that
would tell me what all the various possibilities are the Red Hat uses
in their various releases. So, I"m left to installing (or at least
_finding_) a system with each variant and looking at its /etc/redhat-release 

not very efficient...

Does anyone know of a listing of what all the actual contents are?
I've not turned one up in the RH KB, or anywhere else.

Thanks in advance!

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