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Ok, so another apc UPS 3000 complained about bad batteries, and I changed
them out from the same order that I'd gotten in a couple of months ago.

The APC SmartUPS 3000 started connecting and disconnecting the USB
connection. I brought down and up the service, no joy.

Finally, after googling, I found a *completely* undocumented way to start
apcupsd, that a few years ago someone was told to try, so as to log
debugging info, to send to a developer:
   apcupsd -d1000 -T
I've just skimmed the man page, and the online docs, and there is *no*
mention of either parm. I found nothing in the logs.

However, when I kill -HUPped it, and restarted the service, the USB stuff
had stopped. Ok, one problem down.

The change battery light's still on. I'll see if it still is in the
morning. One thing I did note, while skimming the docs, and comparing my
results from apcaccess, was that while the nominal voltage for the APC
SmartUPS 3000 is 48V, the new batteries are showing 55.4V. Anyone have any
idea if this could be why the replace battery light's on - it's more than
5V difference?


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