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Re: mounting linux volume on Mac

>> Anyone had success mounting a Redhat Linux share on a Mac OS X 10.6
>> machine?

>> # mount erwlq1:/DATA1 /disn
>> mount_nfs: /disn: Operation not permitted

>> I have the shares defined on the Linux host correctly to allow
>> the Mac to mount it's volumes.

> Are you mounting this directly on the Mac, or are you accessing it
> remotely through some sort of connection to the Linux machine as an NFS
> share?

> It looks like it may be the latter, in which case you should look at these:
> http://support.apple.com/kb/TA22243?viewlocale=en_US
> http://nedos.net/2007/11/10/nfs-in-mac-os-105-leopard/

> your difficulty may be related to your user ID as passed to the Linux
> box from the Mac, i.e.: your problem is in permissions.

> Possibly this may be of use at some time:
> http://www.behanna.org/osx/nfs/howto1.html

I do not have the time to check the links so I apologize if the below
is duplication:

1. If you are using port numbers >1024 for your nfs exports, you have
to add the "insecure" option for OS X to mount an exported directory.

2. I have yet to use 10.6 with nfs but, just in case it defaults to
nfsv4 (or only accepts nfsv4), you have to ensure that the idmapd
domain of the nfs server and client are the same.

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