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Re: NTP Configuration.

> Howdy Everyone,
> I'm new to RHREL 5.4 and am trying to setup an NTP server on my network.
> I've done lots of googling and man page reading, but I'm still a bit
> confused on a few things.
> 1.  Do I need to have a step-tickers file?  If so, why?

Those are where it's looking for steps.
> 2.  When I configure my client RHEL machines to access my NTP server, is
> it better to run ntpd or use ntpdate in a cron job?  I've seen articles
> with people using both methods so I'm not sure which is better.

I assume you're online, not on dialup. If online, run the daemon. I only
use the ntpdate to sync the server up to start with, or if something's
> 3.  My ntp.conf file has a line that says "restrict default kod nomodify
> notrap no peer noquery".  Do I still need to have separate restrict lines
> for each of my server entries or will that one line cover all of them?
> Eg. restrict ntp.server.org   mask nomodify notrap noquery
You've got a default, further up.


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