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Re: flie link inside wiki page

I used MediaWiki.  There's nothing if i use the edit.  it just displays the text i typed as it is. even if i use the [ ].  I had read about "ExtensionFileLink"  though -- does this basically, means, file linking in the wiki is not enabled by default?

Sir June

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Subject: Re: flie link inside wiki page

> Hi,
> I have a local wiki page in our intranet.  I am trying to make a  "file
> link"  in one of the pages such that our users will just have to click
> that link and the file would be displayed in the local computers, and also
> i like to link a file such that it would downloaded into their computer
> after clicking it.  But the link is just showing as normal text and does
> not have the link to click on it.  Typing the link in browser, Firefox,
> works fine. How do i add this in my wiki page?
> file://///remotefileserver/data/systemfiles/testfile.txt
It might help if you told us *which* wiki software you have installed. It
also might help if you edit the wiki in the wiki editor, and see what it
tells you to use for a link.


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