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Re: linux auto updater

On Wed, 10 Mar 2010, sun solaris wrote:

I want to know in Rhel 4 update 4 And Rhel 5.3 how to set software updater in linux via yum . this utility says for new update . how to set software depositery .

OK, from what I can decypher you're running RHEL4u4 and RHEL5.3. These use different software update systems.

RHEL4 - up2date
RHEL5 - yum

Neither are 'automatic' unless you set up a cron job to have them install updates (although I think you can get RHN to auto-push, I can't remember). For all versions of RHEL you need to ensure that you have a valid and current subscription to Red Hat Network to get access to updates. This is something you would have paid for. If you don't want to pay money I would recommend switching to using CentOS as your operating system. CentOS is essentially a free version of RHEL. This would require reinstalling your machines as the easiest way to achieve this given my assumption of your level of knowledge. Explaining how to get a subscription to RHN is outside the scope of this email. However, if you have one, registering your machine with RHN is something we can work through. YOU MUST HAVE A VALID PAID-FOR SUBSCRIPTION BEFORFE TRYING TO USE RED HAT NETWORK.

If you have a valid subscription to RHN, and installed your RHEL operating system from an authorised RH source, the correct base repository (not depository) should already be set up for you.

For RHEL4 simply run the command "up2date". For RHEL5 the command is "yum". Both have extensive man pages both on your OS and on the web. Using them is very straightforward.

Have fun.

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