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RE: checkup

If you have that many servers your admin might get bored with reading
through 20+ emails each day to see that everything is normal.  More than
likely she/he will miss something after a while due to the repetitive
nature of looking at the emails.  Why not setup an exception based
system so that the email alerts mean that much more to the admin when
something ISN'T right.  Maybe a system such as Nagios (www.nagios.org)
that can monitor everything you mentioned and a WHOLE lot more.  Then it
can alert on the anomalies, not the normal operation.  It can also keep
historical stats for capacity planning and other purposes.

Just a thought.
Brad Sites, RHCE

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Dear all
I want to create checkup script bash/perl to run on daily basis in
order to do checkup routine for a multiple 20xlinux server
(centos/rhel/suse/freebsd). Some kind of a list, making sure all of
the relevant services are working properly: hardware, filesystens
mounted, ip address, hostname, login user, cpu, network services,
databases oracle, mysql, ftp, http, samba,quota, log all these output
into file and mail it to admin daily.

can you help.


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