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RE: lvreduce and lvextend

I'm not sure what Shankar posted disagrees with the manpage quote.  I guess I'm missing something.

Rob Marti

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On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 12:27 AM, Shankar Jha <shankar jha gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Resizing logical volumes:
> Task-1: Resize 'logvolopt' to 20Gb
> #lvresize -l 20GB /dev/volgroup001/logvolopt
> #lvdisplay
> #df -h
> resize the file system to update the inode table on the logical volume
> to account for new storage in 'logvolopt'
> #resize2fs -p /dev/volgroup001/logvolopt
> Note*-You may resize the file system online if the following are met:
> a). 2.6xkernel series
> b). must be formatted with ext3 format.

So is this part of the manpage out of date?

" The  resize2fs program will resize ext2 or ext3 file systems.  It
can be used to enlarge or shrink an
       unmounted file system located on device.  If the filesystem is
mounted, it can be used to expand  the
       size  of the mounted filesystem, assuming the kernel supports
on-line resizing.  (As of this writing,
       the Linux 2.6 kernel supports on-line resize for filesystems
mounted using ext3 only.)."

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