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apcupsd, APC UPSs, and batteries, resolved

Well, here's the tale: we got a "replacement kit" for some APC SmartUPS
3000 - rackmount UPSs. The "kit", costing about half of what APC is
asking, is just the batteries, and you pull the tray out, open it up, and
swap out the batteries. Except, I did this on one... and the replace
battery light never went out. Not using apcupsd's apctest, not pushing the
button. The five lights on the right that show power level went down to
about one or two, and took an hour or two to come back up. apctest just
said replace battery was the status.

I put another set in. I swapped it with another UPS, and its lights went
on, so it wasn't just that one. Also, these are just batteries, not
chipped like an Epson inkjet print cartridge. I did the same on another a
few weeks ago, and the same.

Finally - I believe these had been replaced before - I went back online,
and found the exact same ones. Got them in yesterday, replaced one that
I'd replaced before, waited a couple hours, and pushed the test button.

It thought about it, did the test, the power level only went down *one*...
and the replace battery light went out. apcupsd also reports everything's

The ones that didn't do it were PowerSonic 1250 F2's. The ones that worked
were BBHR5.8012. I *think* the difference is the HR. So, now I'll be going
back to the original vendor, and asking for a replacement set - he doesn't
seem to have BB, but if he can give me some other HR, I'll try that.

The HR is "high rate", which I assume means high rate of dis/charge. I'll
let y'all know what happens, but at this time, my opinion is that if you
see a replacement kit for RBC43's, make *SURE* that they're HR.


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