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Re: Suse Linux to Red Hat Linux migration

m roth 5-cent us wrote:
> AIX Tiger wrote:
>> I want to migrate my applications from Suse Linux Enterprise server 10 to
>> RHEL V5.3
>> Is there any smooth tool available for doing that? Most of applications
>> are PHP & mysql based. Will normal tar backup from source system (
>> application/DB filesystems only) and restore will work or we have to do
>> some additional tasks?
> No. You want to treat it as though you were doing a full release upgrade -
> back up everything, and a clean install. Some of your apps may need
> configuration changes - there are minor differences in what's stored where
> (as opposed to ubuntu, which stores stuff in *very* different places).
>    mark, openSuSE 10.3 -> CentOS 5.3, last fall

Also extract your MySQL tables. There may be differences in the format of the
data storage between versions. If your new installation is unable to read the
binary files from the old version, and you no longer have an old installation to
read those files, you will be in trouble. You can use mysqldump to extract the
contents into text SQL format. This can be used to re-create all the tables on
the new installation if the new MySQL cannot read the binary versions.

Read whatever MySQL migration documentation you can find on the web.

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            University of Leicester, Leicester, LE1 7RH, UK
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