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RE: Subject: sendmail domain configuration as Message 9

Allen, Jack wrote:
> John:
> 	Yes I tried that. The problem is when my system connects to the
ISP mail
> server it send the hostname. Even if the host name is simple the
> domain is added and that is what the ISP mail server uses to validate.

Are you supposed to be getting a hostname from the ISP?



No, my ISP does not provide a hostname.

	Maybe I did not explain the problem clearly. I have a cable
modem connected to a router. The ISP provides an IP Address to the
router via DHCP. That would be on the WAN side of the router. On the LAN
side of the router I am using 10.11.12.X for my systems. The router is and my Linux system is and the PCs are and and the home automation device is
and TIVO is I have DNS (named) running on my Linux system
with the domain name of my_domain.network. The Linux system is setup to
relay email to the ISP. When the Linux system connects to the ISP mail
servers it tells it the connection is from linux.my_domain.network which
is validated and determined not to be a valid domain, which it is not. I
want the ISP mail server to see the connection form linux.my_domain.net
which is a valid registered domain. But using masquerading is not doing

	I have looked at the sendmail source and when it first starts it
get the hostname and assigns the value to $k. There does not seem to be
anything that changes that value when doing masquerading and the value
of $k is what is sent to the ISP mail server as the domain.

Jack Allen

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