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RE: Subject: sendmail domain configuration as Message 9

Allen, Jack wrote:
> No, my ISP does not provide a hostname.
> 	Maybe I did not explain the problem clearly. I have a cable
> modem connected to a router. The ISP provides an IP Address to the
> router via DHCP. That would be on the WAN side of the router. On the
> side of the router I am using 10.11.12.X for my systems. The router is
> and my Linux system is and the PCs are
> and and the home automation device is
> and TIVO is I have DNS (named) running on my Linux system
> with the domain name of my_domain.network. The Linux system is setup
> relay email to the ISP. When the Linux system connects to the ISP mail
> servers it tells it the connection is from linux.my_domain.network
> is validated and determined not to be a valid domain, which it is not.
> want the ISP mail server to see the connection form
> which is a valid registered domain. But using masquerading is not
> that.

Hmmm, is it complaining about the domain, or about the server's fully
qualified name, and complaining the server's unknown?

It is complaining about the domain name, see my original post. It shows
what that masquerading stated one domain, but the sendmail also send the
real domain of the system based on the host name and this is what the
ISP mail server validates.

Jack Allen

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