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Re: RHEL5 performance

On Wed, 8 Sep 2010, Nicosia Gaetano wrote:

Hi to All,

this is my "scenario".

1) I have a Server Poweredge Dell T100 with RHEL5 installed;
2) This Server is new and the hardware has been tested;
3) On this Server I have installed Oracle DB 11g R2;

I am connected to Server through Client in a little home Intranet, and all work without problems.

But I realize that, in a short time, the server response time grow greatly, and there is a remarkably deterrioration of performance and I-O.

Often, I must restart the server.

Someone has an idea o suggestion for me ?

What shows in dmesg and /var/log/messages?

I realize that you've tested the hardware. How have you tested it? Have you run memtest86+ on this system? Have you run Dell Diagnostics on this system? Does this problem occur when Oracle is not running, or only when it is running?


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