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Re: Compiling Kernel

Masoom Siddiqui wrote:
> Did anyone ever had the need to compile kernel for specific reasons? I'd
> like to know of possible scenarios where a company requires something
> specific. I'm guessing this would be beyond web and email hosting.

Yes, I currently recompile the kernel for my laptop because
I want the ps2 mouse driver to be a module.  My laptop will
not power on correctly unless the module is unloaded at
shutdown, and it can't be unloaded if it's not a module.

I also compiled a kernel for a computer that had a specific
wireless interface.  Although there were instructions for
how to compile just the module, it didn't work correctly with
a Red Hat kernel.  I found that if I downloaded the kernel
source from kernel.org I was able to compile the module.

Obviously these are unusual circumstances and I wouldn't
ever recommend compiling a kernel for a production system.
However I must say that I learned a lot in the process.


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