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RE: Automation of Administrative Tasks on an RHEL Box

I'd say sudo first...

If that doesn't work:

Have a root cron job that runs a script located in /var/www/html
Write a php script that parses the values from the web form into the
script to be run by root...then include an /sbin/service network restart
at the end...

It should work that way...even if the web server is chrooted (as root
can see inside the chroot)...

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Hi All,

Here is a good scenario of  Automation of Administrative Tasks (it was
before me in an interview at a Defense Department, Navy):

Design a Web Interface using PHP (we can use Perl also)  that has fields

IP Address, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask, etc. and when the values are
the Linux Server (RHEL) should be able to process the request and change
Network information accordingly and restart the Network Services. (It it

noteworthy that such a Web Interface is to be used on an Intranet and is
testing purpose only, we really do not intend to invite any security 
vulnerabilities by allowing anyone to change the Network Settings.) 

The only point here is how to get a (CGI-)Script (PHP or Perl) be able
perform the tasks of an Administrator, i.e. execute commands that only
the root 
user or a user with some root privileges can issue.

We can easily pass values to a PHP / Perl or even to a Shell Script
program on 
the server.... in /var/www/cgi-bin or /var/www/html directories. But how
will it 
run with the root privileges? 

With regards,
Devarishi Kumar Mahadeva.


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