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question about RHEV - Desktop

Hi all,

I have a big doubt about how can I use my virtual Desktops,

I have configured an RHEV-Manager on a windows 2003 server an I have created
2 desktops a RHEL and a Winxp. From another winxp I run I explorer and I
access the user portal and I can boot the desktop and run it with the spice
protocol. Thats right.

Now I want to acces the desktop from a thin client,

I the doc you can read this:


To connect to a virtual desktop, you will need access to a thin client with
a supported web browser
installed. The following web browsers are supported:
• Internet Explorer 7 or higher on Windows, with the SPICE ActiveX control
• Firefox 3 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with the SPICE plugin installed

Well, I have no idea how can I set up a thin client that complains with this

I have tried to run a fedora live cd but I haven´t the SPICE plugin so I
can´t access the desktop.

What I want is to run thin clients in the computer and run the virtual
desktop on it, but in the documentation I don´t see how to do it,

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance


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