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Re: Who is deleting the file

Thanks to all especially to Jonathan for the suport.

But we are using SLES10 OS and selinux feature is not there. therefore
auditctl method wont work even if the service auditd is running.

Also in this case audit feature should be enabled in the Netapp filer right
? not from the machine from which we are accessing the NFS path from those


On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 12:15 AM, Jonathan S Billings <jsbillin umich edu>wrote:

> On 03/31/2011 08:55 AM, Abhilash abhi wrote:
> > I have one directory which contains some files..and the directory is
> owned
> > by some group called X. All files within the directory have group
> membership
> > X since SGID is set .some files are frequently missing from that
> directory
> > and i am restoring it through snapshots(Netapp filer). Is there anyway to
> > find out who is (which user) or by what operation deleted the file??
> This can be fairly easily done with SELinux.
> First, make sure selinux is enabled and auditd is running.  Then, start
> monitoring the directory with 'auditctl'.  Example, assuming the
> directory is /tmp/testing (this starts auditing writes to the directory,
> and labels it with the key "whodeletedit"):
> # auditctl -w /tmp/testing -k whodeletedit -p w
> when you're done monitoring it, you can remove this search with:
> # auditctl -W /tmp/testing -k whodeletedit -p w
> You will want to stop monitoring it once you've figured it out, because
> it'll continue to fill the audit log for every time someone adds or
> removes a file from the directory.
> If you want to see who deleted files with /bin/rm in that directory, run:
> # ausearch -i -k whodeletedit -x /bin/rm
> This will print out the audit log for every /bin/rm in called that
> writes to the directory.  I added the -i to ausearch so it'll print out
> the username instead of the userid.  You can get rid of the -x /bin/rm
> if no one is running /bin/rm but using some other program that unlinks
> files.
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