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Re: Community opinion for new MTA

On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 10:39:11AM -0400, John Nichel wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I've been a long time user of qmail, but I'm looking for opinions on
> other MTA's.  Currently I admin two qmail servers and I have a need to
> migrate one of those to a newer machine.  I could stay with qmail, being
> that I'm extremely familiar with it, but the fact that it hasn't been
> updated in years (and doesn't look like it ever will be), I'm open to
> moving to more current MTA's.  The sever would have to support the most
> common things, like multiple domains (ability to route based on domain
> and such), the ability to relay and/or run scripts configurable down to
> the user domain level, being able to handle a mailing list of 250k
> subscribers (as long as we can inject to the send), the ability to set
> different header elements like 'reply to' and 'bounce' addresses, etc.
> Time is kind of short for me, so if I'm to go with anything other than
> qmail, it can't have a steep learning curve for getting the basics up
> and running.  Thanks for your opinions in advance.

Postfix is pretty popular and I'm a fan because it has a configuration
syntax that is human readable. There is of course the time tested, tried
and true sendmail but the learning curve on configuration and setup is
likely enough to drive you mad. My personal preference is postfix so my
remarks on sendmail as slightly biased but I would recommend to take a
look at both. Each are fully capable and RHEL6 actually switched from
sendmail to postfix for its default MTA ... just something to consider.

Good luck in your trials and migration,


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