ssh allowing root login with no password

m.roth at m.roth at
Mon May 9 19:58:11 UTC 2011

Les Ault wrote:
> On 05/09/11 15:18, Steven Buehler wrote:
>> I am trying to setup our servers to only allow logins with a
>> public/private key pair.  2 of our machines have to have root login
>> access with ssh and the rest, we will login as another account and su
to root.
>> open up the firewall to allow ssh access from anywhere, I can ssh to
>> root without a password.  The only uncommented lines in the
>> /etc/ssh/sshd_config are the following:
>>   [snip]
> Change / uncomment PermitRootLogin with a value of without-password

Yep, and yes, the meaning of the directive is *very* counter-intuitive.


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