[lvm] Howto resize LVM on GPT partition.

Nigel Wade nmw at ion.le.ac.uk
Wed May 11 08:05:24 UTC 2011

On 10/05/11 15:43, Soeren Grunewald wrote:
> Hi All,
> We had a RHEL5.6 server which was installed with default settings on a
> HW raid system. The raid was originally setup as raid1 with 2x2TB. Soon
> we run out of storage, so we migrate to raid5. Now we have ~4TB, but
> can't access the storage, because MBR supports only partitions up to 2TB.
> So I've converted the MBR to GPT and fixed grub to boot again. That was
> quite easy (following http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/mbr2gpt.html).
> But now i need to resize the physical LVM partition. And this is
> something which makes me nervous.
> Normally i would use fdisk to delete part2 and recreate it. Using parted
> and resize command does not work because it is a LVM partition. and
> mkpart does not know LVM as partition type too.
> Finally i can use pvresize, but i have no idea if pvresize is working
> correctly with GPT partitions and/or partitions size > 2TB.
> In the end i have 2 options.
>  1) try pvresize and pray
>     - the way it should be, but scary
>  2) create a new LVM partition and add it to the volume group.
>     - uncool

Why don't you just take the easy option of creating another 2TB
partition, then pvcreate and add it to the same VG? That's what LVM is
for, after all. Then you can extend the LV to use the increased space in
the VG.

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