[lvm] Howto resize LVM on GPT partition.

Soeren Grunewald soeren.grunewald at avionic-design.de
Wed May 11 16:56:56 UTC 2011

Nigel Wade wrote:
> Why don't you just take the easy option of creating another 2TB
> partition, then pvcreate and add it to the same VG? That's what LVM is
> for, after all. Then you can extend the LV to use the increased space in
> the VG.

In general i would agree with you, thats what LVM is for. But it is 
ugly, when i use LVM to combine 2 partitions on the same physical 
storage which lay directly together. If it where 2 physical disk i would 
do it without thinking about. But it is the same disk.

So it is nothing technical, it is that i just don't like this way.
Kind regards,

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