Backup solutions for Linux servers

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Mon May 16 11:19:18 UTC 2011

On Thu, 12 May 2011, Bob Wickline wrote:

> I've been looking at ReaR (Relax and Recover) for bare-metal restore. 
> Anyone else using it? Anyone with good or bad stories about it?

For a customer we have made an assessement of the available products for 
preparing a disaster recovery workflow and we decided that ReaR was the 
best framework to start from. Since then we have been improving ReaR so 
that it can be used for bare-metal tape restores and USB, but also 
supports HP SmartArray, SW-RAID, DRBD, next to LVM and partitioning.

The next release of ReaR will ship with this new code, but it does require 
some testing from a wide audience, so if you plan to use ReaR please 
consider testing the new layout code and providing feedback.

Even while ReaR can be used to also make backups (nice for creating a 
single medium snapshot), it's probably best to consider an alternative 
backup solution and use ReaR for booting an restoring the system layout, 
and restoring the backup.

Also ReaR can be used to migrate to different hardware (eg. P2V, V2P, P2P 
or V2V) especially when using a single medium snapshot.

ReaR has been tested and made to work on RHEL4, RHEL5 and RHEL6.

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