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Re: Tomcat connections...

On 04/29/2011 08:15 AM, Monty wig wrote:
Gurus - I am working on a situation where Apache spits "Proxy Errors" while
trying to get a page form Tomcat.

We are running Apache 2.2.3 and tomcat 5.5 on the same box and using
mod_proxy to redirect traffic to tomcat on port 8080. Tomcat has
maxThreads=150 but when we look at the total # of connection on tomcat using
"netstat" we get around 80 established connection, 140 connection in
TIME_WAIT. So my question is does 150 maxThreads means total # of
connections (ESTABLISHED + WAIT_TIME) or only ESTABLISHED connections...

Hi Monty,

I believe you've answered your own question there as 80 + 140 = 220.

You should have the capacity to have 150 connections in an ESTABLISHED state.

It seems to me that you need to take a thread dump of the java process and analyze that to see what tomcat is doing, if your logging is not telling you what is happening. I would recommend getting familiar with jstack and using it often, ie:

sudo -u tomcat jstack -F <tomcat PID> > /tmp/outfile.jstack

Josh Miller
Open Source Solutions Architect

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