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Re: Explanation of weird yum behavior

Greetings to all,

In my organization required to implement a solution for file sharing,
they would
be discharged by different servers automatically and in turn can be
administered through different accounts assigned, I researched that there
are different applications with different methods to perform some of these

Using different technology to download / distrubution of files:

- Emule (decentralized, some customers: mldonkey)
- Bittorrent (decentralized, some customers: TorrentFlux, Vuze, uTorrent,
- FTP virtual users (centralized, some customers: filezilla)
- Samba / ldap (centralized Some clients: windows - Windows Explorer)

As technology is based on the operational needs of the organization, but seek
to find a balance between efficiency / robustness / support / functionality,
(hehe, it seems difficult not?).

Based on the above and based on his experience, my questions are:

- What other known technologies that could carry out any of the tasks
described in the first paragraph?
- Have implemented any service where an aim of distributing files to
different computers within a network?

Already, thanks in advance for your guidance


  Ricardo David  Carrillo Sanchez
Systems Administrator
Information Security Analyst
PGP / GPG key fingerprint: 4EDE BEF9 2FAE C88B AC73 52CB 0655 B749 8D5A F2A0
PGP / GPG public key: http://openinsecureit.mx/keys/dominus.ceo.asc

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