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Re: Options to stop processes that can't be killed -9 other than reboot

On 13Sep2011 10:14, m roth 5-cent us <m roth 5-cent us> wrote:
| sunhux G wrote:
| <snip>
| <snip>
| > # lsof -a -p 7892
| > < above command just pauses/hangs there;  it's been over 2 hrs already >
| >
| > # strace -p7892
| > Process 7892 attached - interrupt to quit
| >  < it pauses there & Ctrl-C did not yield any response >
| > (have to do 'pkill -9 strace' to exit it)
| <snip>
| As a side note, did you try <crtl-D>?
|         mark

Sigh. Whatever for? At least ctrl-C sends SIGINT. ctlr-D just flushes
the input stream, generating a zero length read if the stream is already
flushed, and a zero length read means EOF. But the program has to be running
_and_ reading its input to notice this.

In short, if "kill -9" doesn't get you anywhere, ctrl-D doesn't even
make into the waste of time category because it is not even a signal.

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

Well, if you didn't struggle so much, you wouldn't get rope burns.

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