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Re: Query regarding cron jobs

Ankit Mahawar wrote:
> The script is getting executed a few times when scheduled through cron
> The probability of successful execution is 6/10.

How long does it run? Are you sure that one isn't running so long that
cron doesn't start the next?
> Are you using complete paths in your script?  Your path in an interactive
> shell and the one supplied by cron may be different.
>  Path is  from the root dir.

Do you mean /, or /root/? Put an env statement in the script, and have
that print it to a file, then examine your paths.
> How can we print the entries in /etc/cron.d  through commnad line as it
> not showing any entries  crontab -l as the entry in /etc/cron.d is for
> root user .

You clearly don't understand what we're asking/telling you. I've never
used cron.d; either I set up a cron job via crontab - and you can *allow*
or disallow any user from having a crontab, or it's in /etc/cron.hourly,
/etc/cron.daily, /etc/cron.weekly, or /etc/cron.monthly.

        mark "and the pipe sign - "|", means "or""

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