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Re: package to make a graphical network diagram

Hi Rocky,

Very very good tool!!!!

It has discover my network and made the diagram very nice,

The only problem I see is that it only runs on windows ;-)

For the moment it´s ok for me,

Thank you very much,


2011/9/29 Rhoads, Rocky <Rocky Rhoads urs com>

> If you have a windows box around give TheDude a try (
> http://www.mikrotik.com/thedude.php).  It's a free program that will scan
> and map out a network range, even properly fans out from those cheap little
> unmanaged switches.  I use it for live monitoring of our network/servers
> with it automatically exporting png snapshots of each network every 30 sec
> or so.  Beats the stuffing out of pretty much every free and paid program I
> could find on the market a couple years back.
> Not too hard to load up odd snmp libraries if you have odd kit on the
> network.  Actually use that for link up/down on a slew of old DEC FDDI
> switches.
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> Hi all,
> I have a small  network and I have a graphical network diagram made by
> hand.
> Now my network is growing (like a baby ;-) ) and I spent a lot of time
> updating the diagram,
> I most use RHEL 5 and RHEL 6 so, I´d like to know if is there any rpm in
> RHEL that can make the network diagram automatically scanning the network.
> It could save me a lot of time
> I´m sure you don´t make this kind of diagram by hand, are you?
> Thanks in advance
> ESG.
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