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Re: Satellite API calls

On 02/16/13 04:59, Georgios Magklaras wrote:
On 15/02/13 22:12, Jens Skott wrote:
Heyas. Im currently working on a deploymentflow using RHEL6 with
satellite as repo to deploy new machines.
Since we build alot of inhouse applications for our systems we package
using RPM and send them to a channel in the satellite.
Have anyone had any experience with this type of problem before? Or
should i just create more channels? We have around 50 different
systems (one channel for each then) with about 5-10 packages for each

With all the respect to Redhat's satellite server (and the Spacewalk
community project), I think it is too much overhead for the number of
systems. What I tend to do for setups of this size is to make a
traditional software repository. Get an NFS or HTTP server, ACL it so
that it is secure and layout the structure of your RPM repositories.
Then insert these repositories in /etc/yum.repos.d, write your cronjobs
and you are done.

An alternative option is yum localinstall. If you NFS import a directory
that contains the tree of your RPMs and layout the directory structure
so each client can run a yum localinstall on a specific/per client dir
with the relevant RPMs, that should also do the trick. Quoting the yum
manual page:

I worked on spacewalk, the non-proprietary version of satellite, in early '09, at a contract, and it was horridly complex, *required* at least the free version of Oracle ("we're working on postgresql"), and that barely ran.

I second the above recommendation - set up one server as a local repo, dump the rpms there, run createrrepo, and you're done, just yum update the systems.


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