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Re: fc 17 and autofs

Hi Mark,

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 2:01 PM,  <m roth 5-cent us> wrote:
> Odd problem that *just* surfaced. I updated a user to FC 17 - actually, I
> just built if for him new a couple of weeks ago. One issue that's surfaced
> is every so often, he comes to me to complain he can't log on. I restart
> autofs, and everything's fine.
> All home directories are NFS mounted.
> systemctl is-enabled autofs.service
> enabled
> I don't see anything that I can point to in the logs or dmesg. My user
> goes away, leaves his workstation locked, comes back, and can't log in.
> selinux is permissive.
> Any thoughts on where I can start looking?

Not sure how you leaned restarting autofs helps.

When the user complains about can't log in, can you do SSH to the
user's workstation and run df or mount commands to see if the user's
home directory is still mounted? Also check perms on the user's home
directory at the same time. Try doing su - username and see if that
works. Try ssh username workstation and have user type the password
and see if that works for user.

I had seen similar problem when we were using nis/nis+ and user would
lock their PC running gnome on RHEL 5 and when they came back and put
their password the gnome screensaver would not authenticate
successfully. I killed the gnome-screensaver process for those users
after doing SSH to the box and the user would get to see their session
immediately. May not be the same problem in your case but autofs
wasn't the problem then.

This reply may not really help to resolve but may be you can try
things I suggested above or let us know if you already tried those.

One more thing you can do is enable debugging for autofs either in
auto.master or by configuring sysconfig/autofs file


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