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Re: fc 17 and autofs

Hi, upen,

upen wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 2:01 PM,  <m roth 5-cent us> wrote:
>> Odd problem that *just* surfaced. I updated a user to FC 17 - actually,
>> I
>> just built if for him new a couple of weeks ago. One issue that's
>> surfaced
>> is every so often, he comes to me to complain he can't log on. I restart
>> autofs, and everything's fine.
>> All home directories are NFS mounted.
>> systemctl is-enabled autofs.service
>> enabled
>> I don't see anything that I can point to in the logs or dmesg. My user
>> goes away, leaves his workstation locked, comes back, and can't log in.
>> selinux is permissive.
>> Any thoughts on where I can start looking?
> Not sure how you leaned restarting autofs helps.

I ssh'd into the box last time as me (I can go anywhere - I'm a sysadmin),
and saw that it couldn't find my home directory. I checked, and his wasn't
there, either. I tried restarting autofs, then su - back to myself, and I
was fine. Did it to him, ditto. Told him to try, and it worked.
> I had seen similar problem when we were using nis/nis+ and user would

Nope - we're using krb5 & AD. Nobody else is having this problem - AFAIK,
my manager isn't, nor is the one other FC box we have. Almost everything
else is CentOS.

> lock their PC running gnome on RHEL 5 and when they came back and put
> their password the gnome screensaver would not authenticate
> successfully. I killed the gnome-screensaver process for those users
> after doing SSH to the box and the user would get to see their session
> immediately. May not be the same problem in your case but autofs
> wasn't the problem then.

Hmmm... I'll look at that next time this happens.
> One more thing you can do is enable debugging for autofs either in
> auto.master or by configuring sysconfig/autofs file

One question on that: how noisy is that? All our linux boxes have
centralized logging, and if it spits out a ton of garbage, that's not


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