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Re: Redirecting IP address

Robert, this seems like it could be done with iptables or redirect.

Have you any machine in your old location? because you need some root power
in it, to establish the new connections to the new address.


2013/3/3 Robert Canary <rwcanary mchn39 ocdirect net>

> This is not redhat specific, but I was hoping someone would get me in the
> right direction.
> I have to relocate some servers to a 200 mile new location. These are
> mail, website, and DNS servers.
> Here is the question.
> Can I tell the current gateway router to redirect IP traffice to a
> different IP. Example: A request comes in from the WAN or LAN for
> ( a mail server), however my current gateway says "No, goto
>", which is the new IP, and external to this network?
> Can that be done?
> Robert Canary
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