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[redhat-list] sftp error question

Hi everyone,
I'm new to this list, so I apologize if my email is not in keeping with the procedures.
I am a newbie with RHEL 5.7 system administration and recently registered our web server with Red Hat (this past Monday).
Upon registration, I noticed online that the server needed 506 updates and so I set the auto errata to enabled. By the time, I realized my mistake there were only 217 updates left to be done. I changed the auto errata to disabled and locked the account to stop the rest from going through on their own.

Immediately following, I was unable to use Putty to ssh to the web server. A co-worker worked with me to get us access again by updating the sshd_config file. However, we have some clients who use Expression Web 4 to update sites and they cannot gain access. It says "There's no site named 'blah' " when they try to login.

I've compared the ones who can't access with the ones who can and cannot find a difference in the /etc/passwd or /etc/groups area. I've also checked their file permissions, ownership, etc.

Does someone have familiarity with this problem? Or know which update might have caused this, so I can roll it back? Or could having registered the server caused the problem?

Any help and/or words of wisdom is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,



Constance Morris
Portal Administrator
OCIS - Dalton State College
Phs: 706-272-2611 / 706-712-8213
cmorris daltonstate edu<mailto:cmorris daltonstate edu>

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