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RE: FW: [redhat-list] sftp error question

Hey, Constance,

Constance   Morris wrote:
> Expression Web 4 is a software program by Microsoft used for website
> editing. It is similar to FrontPage or Dream Weaver if you are familiar
> with either of those.

Oh, crap. A cheesy cheap piece of M$ software... I *hope* it's a step up
from FrontPage, but IIRC, Dreamweaver is a serious $$$ piece of software.

Wonder why you're not just using a wiki - they can be secured (when I was
working for AT&T a few years ago, one of our team wrote a php script to
force logins to reach certain areas, and it was fairly easy, I understand,
to plug it in.)

> Faculty who have the ability to update their web page are also limited to
> a certain area only on the web server as they do not have sudoers rights.
> They do basically use secure shell to access their page on the server via
> expression web and entering "
> sftp://www.daltonstate.edu/faculty-staff/theirusername "

Have you checked the *Linux* permissions to those directories, and the
owner ship and group? Also, if those directories are NFS mounted, are they
being mounted r/w?

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