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system V

I've got a user running Fedora 17, and a problem has turned up: first,
autofs is apparently being started *before* nfs-lock (and why the *hell*
did the name change from nfslock?), and so home directories aren't being
automounted. Looking in
/etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/autofs.service, I see
After=network.target ypbind.service
which is nothing I want.

So, what do I do - edit that file to change ypbind.service to

Second issue: we're a US gov't agency (non-defense). We have to use
PIV/smart cards. The daemon we need running is pcscd... but  systemctl
list-unit-files --type=service | grep pcsc tells me it's static. According
to a thread I've read, static means it'll run if it's a dependency, but it
doesn't know where to put the link to have it start on its own. What is
the correct way to make this sucker start automatically.

And the cheat sheet at
<http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SysVinit_to_Systemd_Cheatsheet>... I just
*adore* how much more complicated systemv is, and how much more typing I
need to do just to get the same functionality.... Yeah, right, I should
write aliases or scripts to run as I used to....


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