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RE: [redhat-list] updates pending question, is, sftp problems

Constance   Morris wrote:
> [mailto:redhat-list-bounces redhat com] On Behalf Of m roth 5-cent us
> Constance   Morris wrote:
>> problem last week with having started these updates then stopped them
>> mid-stream when some of our professors could not ssh to the webserver
>> using Expression Web software via SFTP?
> <snip>
>> Our Network Administrator suggested that my problem with the SSH /
>> SFTP Expression Web Websever access was due to there being different
>> versions on the system now because of the updates. He said I needed to
>> check the versions of both and may need to uninstall SSH, compile a
>> version from source that will work with SFTP.
> No. Not under any circumstances. What kind of admin is he, Windows?
> Because that is absolutely the WRONG answer. You can check yourself - run
> rpm -qa | grep ssh then rpm -qi openssh-clients
>> All that is greek to me. He said he manually created what had been
>> setup for the SSH / SFTP that was running well before I did some of
>> those updates.
>> I put in the command:  ssh -v          and got the version of SSH  (Open
>> SSH_4.3p2, OpenSSH 0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 01 Jul 2008) But I cannot find a
>> way to check the sftp version to compare.
> If he installed those *without* using yum, he's wrong, unless there's an
> overriding reason. For now, we have our own ssh package, but that's *only*
> because this is a US federal gov't agency, and we *have* to use PIV/smart
> cards for some cases. Otherwise... use the rpm commands I mentioned,
> above, and see if they're installed. If not yuse yum, er, use yum <g> to
> install them both. then turn down what was available, and turn up the
> newly-installed ones. They'll work out of the box.
> Those rpm commands (rpm -qa | grep ssh   and rpm -qi openssh-clients) did
> produce the information I needed and all are the same:
> Openssh-clients-4.3p2-82.e15
> Openssh-4 .3p2-82.e15
> Openssh-server-4.3p2-82.e15
You'll note they all match. There's no incompatibilities.

> Myself and the webmaster have sudoers priviledges, so I know we are
> different from the professors as they are limited to certain directories
> and are not in the sudoers file nor have root priviledges.

Right, and they shouldn't have.

> The weird thing is that two of them get the same login error message and a
> third gets something different.
> Here are the errors:
> "FTP Error...Cannot open remote folder pac-2013/ Access Denied."
> And the other login error:
> "There is no site name "whatever the home directory location is for the
> user".

The latter tells me that this user does not have it configured, and I
assume, possibly wrongly, that one of youse guys needs to go into wherever
you manage users and set it up for him. It also leads me to suspect that
the other two users are misconfigured.

Yup. I just googled on Web Expression configure sftp, and found this link:
Someone needs to go there and check those three users' configurations.


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