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RE: P.S. - RE: [redhat-list] updates pending question

Constance   Morris wrote:
> [mailto:redhat-list-bounces redhat com] On Behalf Of m roth 5-cent us
> Constance   Morris wrote:
>> [mailto:redhat-list-bounces redhat com] On Behalf Of m roth 5-cent us
>> Constance   Morris wrote:
>>> [mailto:redhat-list-bounces redhat com] On Behalf Of m roth 5-cent us
>> So you now have only two people that are having problems, and both of
>> them have the same errors?
>> Yes, 2 with the same error login message and 1 with a different error
>> login message.
> Have you called those folks, and had them check their configuration? Make
> sure that it's correct - and make sure you know for *sure* what it's
> *supposed* to be before you call them.
> Hey Mark,
> Thank you so much for all your help and troubleshooting. I wanted to let
> you know that it is working now.
> The same co-worker who had given me the advice about looking to see if the
> sshd and sftp versions were the same, etc. took a look at the system for
> me.
> So he asked me to go over how they login step-by-step. Apparently, the way
> the previous portal admin had set things up for them to login was wrong.

Oh, lovely - they knew they had a problem, and didn't tell you, and just
took a hike.

> So when I ran the 506 needed updates the user config files were changed as
> you had mentioned.

User-edited config files don't get changed....

> He had me try a different sftp url address in the login procedure and it
> worked. You were right that the problem was with user configuration.
> I couldn't have done it without all your help and advice and the many
> changes you advised me to make, so thank you very much!!!
> And, you'll be happy to know I'm getting the books you and I think Robert
> mentioned I should start reading.

Excellent. Glad to help - you were clearly working hard on your own. The
folks who annoy me here, and on the CentOS list, are the ones who drop in,
and ask vague questions, and basically appear to expect us to do their
jobs for them (for free).
> I'd prepare a meal for you and your family to show my appreciation, but
> virtual meals just don't taste as good. :-)

Yeah, yeah. I see Dalton's in GA - I'm up in DC, and the next time I'm
south will be Labor Day weekend in San Antone for Worldcon, so not near
you at all.
> Thank you so much for your patience, humor, detailed advice and
> willingness to assist a newbie at troubleshooting. I hope I can return the
> favor someday, but I will definitely pass on the knowledge to others.

And that is always the right response - pass it on.


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